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Academic Research Centre

Since 2009 Texuna has engaged in applied research projects with academics from the Business Information Systems (BIS) department at University College, Cork, Ireland (UCC). These projects have focused on introducing Agile practices into the software development process and visualisations as a means of understanding and translating business requirements into functional design specifications.

In 2013, Texuna established a Research & Development (R&D) Centre in collaboration with the BIS department at UCC. This centre is responsible for both identifying and promoting significant innovation internally within Texuna, and for Texuna's customers.  This includes innovation in terms of products, services, know-how and methodology. The centre focuses on developing solutions, methods and tools that improve the everyday experiences of those in the education sector.

Our ongoing collaborations with Texuna have ensured that we continue to translate our applied research insights into value-based outputs and impactful applicationsOur ongoing collaborations with Texuna have ensured that we continue to translate our applied research insights into value-based outputs and impactful applications
— Dr. David Sammon, Senior Lecturer, Business Information Systems

Some of the solutions aided and developed include:

Concept Centric Matrix:

ConcepTrix is a free online resource for researchers that supports the creation and management of concept centric matrices. A concept centric matrix is an effective way to unlock the value in the literature you read during the literature review process. ConcepTrix let’s researchers:

  • Create multiple concept centric matrices for a research topic.
  • Organise concept centric matrices into workspaces.
  • Capture concepts of interest in a concept centric matrix.
  • Break concepts down into sub-concepts as required.
  • Assess the theoretical strength of the literature you read.
  • Share concept centric matrices with research supervisors.

Curriculum Design Management:

Our Curriculum Design Management (CDM) solution provides the structure and facilitates the creation and modification of the curricular catalogue of an education institution. At the core of Texuna’s SAAS offering is the Kuali Student Curriculum Management software, an open source solution that assists faculty and administrators in designing and managing a catalogue of curricular offerings.


Create, distribute and analyse student assessments in a safe and easy to use environment with our eAssessment solution. Features include: legacy system support, QTI 1.2 support, built in question types, user administration tools, an equation editor and much more.

Learning Record Store:

Our Learning Record Store (LRS) compliments leading LMS solutions. It provides an easy way to track data monitoring your learner’s progress (saving it in one place for easy analysis). The top class reporting functionality also enables you to generate reports helping you to understand a number of different elements including how your content is resonating with your learners.

Learning Management System:

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is a custom distribution of Moodle, the world’s most popular learning management platform. Our LMS is used by educational institutions focused on the delivery of training and teaching.

Online Polling:

Get a poll created and get your students voting in less than a minute. Acts as a great tool for increasing engagement between a lecturer and their students.

Training Evaluation:

Obtain feedback from students quickly and easily. Build a questionnaire from a variety of templates, or create your own unique ones, with our easy to use drag and drop questionnaire creator.

Please contact us to learn more about any of the above solutions.