Identity and Access Management

Managing online identities and system-to-system authentication has and ever growing importance in recent years.  Unfortunately, the ubiquity of web based systems forces us to remember multiple authentication credentials (usernames and passwords). As a result everyone is drowning in a sea of usernames and passwords, with significant ramifications.  
Managing multiple authentication credentials weakens security with most users reuse the same passwords or picking weak ones. Additionally the cost to organisations of various user management functions across multiple systems is huge.

What we offer and why we are different
Texuna believe in the value of an independent Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution where individuals have one identity and one username and password to securely access organisational and wider resources on the web.
Texuna’s enterprise identity and access management platform, Texuna IAM, allows a single username and password to be used for different web applications and resources, while enhancing security and reducing administration costs. The flexible solution acts as a gateway to all systems, also supporting system-to-system authentication and ensuring access rights are managed appropriately.  Multi-factor authentication, where a unique key is used as part of the process further ensures security.
Our solutions are proven to bring:

Business benefits:
No more password amnesia and greatly enhanced security with features such as Multi Factor Authentication safeguarding the privacy and integrity of identity, access and systems.
Ensure trust and security for partners with a solution already in use supporting UK Business Impact Level 3 (BIL3) data.
No disparate user registration and management processes with the ability to customise with customer specific validation and workflows.
A variety of integration options, easily supporting legacy system IAM needs.
Centralised reporting for standards compliance.

Financial benefits:
Savings are created through infrastructure as software, just-in-time resources, and the elimination of capital expenditure in favour of operating expenses.
No application maintenance cost with the option for Texuna hosting.
Reduced user management efforts and costs through the centralisation of activities and self-service functions.

Technical benefits:
Quick and easy deployment with simple back office functions to support new system on-boardings, customisation and changing needs.
Highly interoperable, with SAML2, OpenID Connect (OIDC) / OAuth 2.0, LDAP compliance.