Texuna at the Higher Education Data Conference 2018

Texuna are delighted to sponsor the Higher Education Data Conference 2018 on 29th November 2018. 

The conference ties in perfectly with Texuna's recent successes in providing services directly to HE institutions.

Thursday 29th - HEDC guest speaker:
We have partnered up again with Professor Dave Sammon (a self-proclaimed 'data structure scientist') from Cork University Business School (CUBS), University College Cork (UCC).

Dave will be available alongside Texuna to chat about our collective experiences across 4 different universities and a large enterprise data warehouse project at Jisc. Dave will also present as a guest speaker, outlining several frameworks designed to address data quality and close the communication gap between data creators and data users. 

Dave's ongoing work is built on his recent Harvard Business Review Article “Only 3% of Companies’ Data Meets Basic Quality Standards”.


Friday 30th - Data Value Innovation Workshop:
Texuna and UCC have partnered together to form the Data Value Innovation Group (DVIG).

Texuna will be hosting a bespoke workshop after the HEDC conference to further provide Universities with the opportunity to understand and get value from their data. The workshop has a Data Futures focus and will allow a number of universities to compare notes on their progress toward the Futures data model.

The workshop format is based on each university booking 1 or more tables of 4 individuals, to cooperate and collaborate on workshop tasks and activities. The workshop will be led by Professor David Sammon.

To sign up to this event please click here