The Data Value Innovation Group (DVIG)

The Data Value Innovation Group (DVIG) is an exciting initiative between researchers from Cork University Business School (CUBS) / University College Cork (UCC) and Texuna. The initiative formalises a decade of research collaboration between Texuna and CUBS researchers.   

Launched in January 2019, the DVIG promotes a data value mindset. The data value mindset applies across all functions of an organisation and focuses on building confidence in people to change their data landscape through conversation. A data value mindset is focused on data assets as opposed to technology assets, demands a human-centred approach to problem solving, and strives for a frequent release of value to the customer. Therefore, the DVIG strives to cultivate data value leaders who will change the data conversation with confidence. Visually our value proposition is best represented as follows.


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Central to our value proposition is the use of our discursive templates. Our discursive templates promote data value conversations throughout the data lifecycle. For example, our Data Value Map has guided many organisations from banks to universities to unlock business value as part of their data strategy design efforts.

The DVIG offers a range of services (on-site and remotely) as follows:

  • Education / Workshops

  • Advisory

  • Applied Research   

These DVIG services are delivered based on the following data value mindset principles:

Build Three Sixties as Standard

  • share data across functional areas (silos)

Ensure Data Quality at Source

  • push defect resolution to acquisition

Align Business Model & Data Model

  • design the data needs of the business

Protect Business Things of Interest

  • create master data once, use many times

Everybody has Responsibility

  • cultivate a data champion culture

The DVIG Members

The DVIG team aims to engage with and impact the business community in a meaningful way. We focus on data assets in order to design the data strategy in your business and challenge the status quo using our discursive templates. Check out some of the team’s outputs below.

  • Professor David Sammon (relational data mindset enthusiast) [DVIG co-founder]

  • Dr. Tadhg Nagle (data value mapping strategist) [DVIG co-founder]

  • Patrick Lynch (data as a service aficionado) [DVIG co-founder]

  • Dr. Ibrahim Alhassan (data governance theory builder)

  • Declan Collins (regulatory data requirements guru)

  • Gail Birkbeck (research data management sense-maker) [DVIG funded PhD candidate]

Case Studies

The DVIG team has organised the Data Savvy Practitioner Forum (DSFP) since 2016.

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