Database Management

Texuna has 16 years of experience designing, building, and operating high quality data collection, data management and data analysis businesses – with the last dozen years focused very much on the UK higher education sector.

Texuna’s team has the required capabilities in a number of similar environments with multiple data collections, validating and cleansing student and census data including datasets from several hundred universities and engaging with tens of thousands of schools on annual academic cycles.

In each contract Texuna has re-imagined, redefined, redesigned and re-architected the business processes involved (including building, owning and operating the business processes) – always with automation and semi-automation foremost in mind.

What we Do?

The Texuna methodology is thorough, and the team have hundred’s of years of experience between them and we work together to make each project a resounding success.  We do this by:

Creating strong, on-site working partnership with our clients and by building relationships with their stakeholders and customers/users.

Modelling current process through the use of Customer Journey Mapping, highlighting re-engineering opportunities.

Redefining the Value Proposition based on a re-evaluation of the value stream, as we seek to address pains and gains.

Creating new user and customer journeys that better match future expectations and possibilities, raising the bar for interaction and experience.

Prototyping and testing different versions of business processes so that custom needs can become easily configurable in more generic, standard process.

Mapping current and future technology directions, and enterprise architecture in cloud, data and analytics horizons to ensure a well defined future proofarchitecture is put in place that is not anchored in past experience or historic decisions.

Leveraging available skills in-house with a client and do a gap analysis on people skills and training needs as part of design, implementation and transition.

Benchmarking performance, effort and burden with existing processes and solutions so that future solutions can be effectively performance measured and managed.

Designing in ‘future flexibility’ in a component build and plug-and-play strategy, as well as permitting generic collection/dissemination strategies.

Flexibility, robustness and scalability are the foundation stones upon which we engineer our solutions and we can demonstrate these successes through our longer term projects which have stood the test of time. Texuna’s longest running project platform (12 years on a hosted infrastructure) demonstrates the robustness of the chosen architecture and solution design which did not require replacement during that time.

Why we are Different?

We are experienced enough to create innovative, robust and flexible solutions at an affordable price.  While we are large enough to deliver large scale projects we are small enough to care about each individual client. Your success is our success!