Helping Clients in the Education Sector with Data Management Requirements

Who We Are ?  

Texuna Technologies Ltd (Texuna) is an innovative, cloud–first, vendor–neutral company with a focus on digital transformation services. We were founded in London in 2009 and have a particular interest in database management solutions for the education sector.

Our Solutions Include: 

- Discovery Phase Consultancy
- Data Warehousing
- Data Lakes and Data Vaults
- Data Integration and Process Management
- Business Intelligence and Analytics
- Identity and Access Management
- E-discovery and Disclosure Services

What We Offer? 

Our Approach to Discovery Phase Consultancy  

Identifying current issues and understanding business drivers are critical for an institution to accomplish its goals.  A cyclical agile process of Elicit, Specify and Validate is used to gather both top-down business driven requirements and bottom-up analysis needs. This methodology provides evidence based prioritization and supports an approach of Sufficient Design Up Front (SDUF). In turn, the common data warehouse pitfall of ‘analysis paralysis’ is avoided.  


Case Study: Oxford Brookes

In 2018, Texuna commenced delivering a HESA data futures compliant enterprise data warehouse for Oxford Brookes University. The discovery process began in Q1, with iterative production deliveries in an Agile methodology planned throughout 2018 and full final delivery scheduled for 2019. 

Key Focus Areas

- Business Drivers
- Data Governance
- Data Futures
- Statutory Returns
- Learning Analytics
- Financial Reporting
- Cloud Migration   
- Data Warehousing  

Jisc copy.jpg

Case Study: Jisc       

Jisc are the UK higher, further education and skills sectors’ not-for-profit organisation for digital services and solutions who provide services in three core areas:

1. Operating shared digital infrastructure and services
2. Negotiating sector-wise deals
3. Providing trusted advice and practical assistance.  

Texuna delivered a full digital transformation project for Jisc, providing detailed technical requirements and recommendations for revised business process. This included a full system and service audit, as well as technology training, and immersion sessions as part of the implementation phase. 

Key Focus Areas:  

- Business Process
- Reengineering
- Data Governance
- Quality Application Development
- Data Transformation
- Integrated Data
- Business Intelligence and Analytics  


Business Intelligence and Analytics  

Case Study : HEFCE  

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) is a non-departmental public body in the United Kingdom, which has been responsible for the distribution of funding for higher education to universities and further education colleges in England since 1992. 

Texuna provided a fully managed service to annually discover, design, deliver and communicate changes in the NSS (National Student Survey) to the sector. Data are integrated, cleased and analysed from surveys, student and the sector to publish approx. 30k reports. An interactive reporting tool allows further exploration of student options and experiences though approx. 6M quantitative and qualitative records.   

Key Focus Areas:  

- Data Processing and Interpretation
- Reporting and Analysis
- Application Development   


Data Integration and Process Management

Case Study: NCTL (National College for Teaching and Leadership) 

NCTL is an executive agency of Department for Education. NCTL's aims are to improve academic standards by recruiting and developing a workforce to meet the needs of our school system, and to help schools to help each other to improve.  The NCTL data warehouse was built and continues to be managed by Texuna. We have collected, integrated, analysed and delivered data from complex and disparate sources including central HE sources (e.g. HESA, Ofsted, HEFCE) and 200+ HE and FE providers directly. We have been engaged in the re-design of sector data models for learner records and developed advanced data integrations with HESA systems since the 2006/7 academic year in which we started transferring Student data in real-time.   

Key Focus Areas: 

- Data Collection
- Quality Management
- Data Integration
- Data Analysis
- Statutory Reporting      


Identity Management  

Case Study: DfE Single Sign On Solution 

Texuna’s identity and access management solution provides access to 13 different business critical DfE systems containing highly sensitive pupil and finance data.  This high-availability and robust solution processes approx. 100K authentication and access requests per day for the DfE and approx. 90K educational institutions/stakeholders throughout the UK. 

Key Focus Areas:  

- Single Username and Password Access
- Different Applications and Resources
- Multi-Factor Authentication
- Centralised Systems
- User Management Permissions  


 E-Discovery and Disclosure Service

The Texuna eDisc application provides a secure, scalable, collaborative communications and document review platform, utilising the Electronic Discovery Reference Model that is ideal for:

- Freedom of Information (FOI) requests
- GDPR management
- Compliance and Subject Access Requests (SAR)
- Auditing of Communications

With the ability to link directly to data source systems, workflow management and customisable user controls and permissions, the Texuna solution provides a cost effective and versatile platform that can easily be customised to bespoke requirements. We are experienced in deploying the application both through secure private cloud and in-house for both private companies and the public sector.  

Key Focus Areas:

- GDPR Compliance
- Management Workflow

If you’d like to access more information on any of these services please contact us, or visit our G-Cloud listings.