Data Collection

What is Data Collection?

Data collection is quite simply the collection of data so that it can be stored in a database or data warehouse.  Data collection can be complex – with detailed and extensive information collected either all in one go, or from a basic record which is added to and changed over time.

Data collection systems also involve quality control and management of the data so that currency of the data is recorded. Data may also be enhanced from other sources.

How we help?

Texuna creates data collection systems for our clients so that they can collect data from their customers.  This data may be collected for regulatory, statutory or funding purposes.

Our data collection systems typically include the following features and benefits:

  1. Easy to use while also capturing complex and extensive records.
  2. Secure access is authorised and authenticated via login. A user only sees the information that they have authority to see. Sensitive data is protected by encryption so that it is kept secure.
  3. Data quality is ensured – complex business rules are encoded so that the data collected at source is complete and accurate.
  4. Data may be verified/enhanced using third party data sources such as registers – often this will minimise keying needed to capture vital information.
  5. Full web services integration may be customised.
  6. Data is fully audited so that change history can be searched and prior versions viewed.
  7. Data integrity is key – so checks and reports are inbuilt to ensure that data quality is enhanced.
  8. Full search on data elements is supported and matching records may be extracted to standard formats so that the information can be reused.
  9. Data collected can be analysed. Reports and dashboards are an integral part of the system. Trends and KPIs can be viewed at a glance so that you get the maximum value from the data that you hold.

How are we different?

Texuna work with you in a partnership approach. Your requirements for a complete solution will be designed and developed together. We are an Agile solutions provider – so we deliver a ‘minimum viable product’ and then work with you to enhance and develop it to meet your exact needs. Our solutions grow with you so that you do not pay for more than you need at any time, yet you can be confident that your investment is protected into the future.  Your data is a valuable asset and we make sure that you get best value from it.

Case Studies

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