Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

Texuna have a rich history when it comes to data warehousing dating back to the company’s foundation in 2000. CEO and Founder, Patrick Lynch obtained a Masters in Information Systems back in 1998 where his thesis focused on Data Warehousing and OLAP.

Since then, Texuna has worked with numerous major clients across the UK and Ireland. Our primary area of expertise is the delivery of web-based data management applications for the government, healthcare and corporate sectors. We aim to provide dedicated solutions precisely tailored to the customer’s needs, basing on our pre-developed ‘in house‘ platforms.

Our Approach

These solutions typically include the means to:

  • Collect data from various sources, including integration with other systems
  • Safely store and backup data
  • Validate and cleanse data throughout all stages of processing
  • Aggregate data and report on it
  • Manage workflow for data processing
  • Share and exchange data with other applications and systems
  • Facilitate data access via access rights

As our customer’s business requirements tend to change over time, we are always eager to improve and optimize our solutions in post-implementation stage. We also take responsibility for old data sets – migrating them on to new platforms and giving them longevity. As part of this process we often implement new structures and ensure we provide a clear audit trail.

Our expertise and heritage in this space means that clients can trust Texuna as good custodians of their data.

Founder and CEO Patrick Lynch

Case Studies

Case Study – Itembank: Standards and Testing Agencies

Case Study – National College of Teaching and Leadership

Case Study – Staff Individualised Record: Education and Training Foundation

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