BI and Analytics

Business Intelligence & Analysis

Data is of huge value when you can use it to support your decision making, or to give you new ideas and insights to explore.

Business Intelligence uses raw data and analyses it using techniques like data mining, online analytical processing or just simple queries and reports.  These techniques allow you to interpret the data to gain insights like trends or volumes, or simply to track who is doing (and not doing) certain tasks.

What we do?

We will provide the right tools to help you get the best value out of your data – be it simple reports and extracts, or complex data mining and analysis. Texuna have a wealth of expertise in open data, big data and structured data. We also have a strong track record of delivering ‘fit for purpose’ analysis tools, and have a portfolio of products and ideas just ready to get your system up and working perfectly.

Texuna have extensive experience with:

1/ Open source Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) analysis tools based on Mondrian datacubes.  This delivers extensive slice and dice, drill down reporting capability
2/ Third party software toolsets such as Tableau can be configured to provide a fully functional graphical reporting capability with dashboard widgets for quick updates

Why we are different?

We understand that the right tool for the right job will save you time while also giving you confidence in the quality and accuracy of the information you can see. That’s why our systems are not a ‘one size fits all’ – rather we take the time to understand what you want to achieve and then make is easy for you to manage and control your own information when and where you want.

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