Fully managed service for universities

Texuna have used their years of experience in data management, cloud migration, internet security and in higher education with Jisc and Universities,  to develop a low cost, automated, data warehouse pipeline service.  This service will allow any university to do away with the capital investment and extra specialist staff required to deliver a successful data warehouse project.  Texuna's Higher Education Data Warehouse SaaS is now available on G-Cloud 10. 

Knowing that a living, breathing, flexible and adaptable data warehouse is a cornerstone to a successful B.I. strategy, Texuna include all the necessary services required to keep ETL responsive to changes in source systems and source data, as well as supporting BI and analytics staff with the search for ever new sources of data and elimination of data problems. 

Texuna have access to the best sector driven governance models that improve a university competence to manage the data lifecycle from beginning to end of the data journey.  We treat learner and learning data as the key asset under management in the University Service business.  Texuna can help Universities undergoing digital transformation projects to make sure they are student-first, cloud-ready, data-led, and low-cost.  Talk to us today about how we can help you deliver more for less.  

What we do?

Texuna have been working with Jisc since 2015 to deliver an integrated enterprise data warehouse that brought together insights for their H.E. members and F.E. customers across 3 disparate business units: 

  • Network & Technologies - runs the Janet network services

  • Digital Resources - Library, Research and Open Access services

  • Digital Futures - Edtech R&D projects and future trends analysis

More recently Texuna have been working with a number of universities to deliver data warehouse and services in London and Oxford.  These projects share some common themes of focus and integration: 

  • Combining internal and external datasets like Unistats, DLHE, National Student Survey to get a detailed, evidence-backed understanding of market dynamics and competitive positioning

  • HESA Data Futures data model compliance to simplify data quality for statutory returns

  • Revenue and financial management and course level profitability

  • Workforce and resource planning to maximise return on facilities and staff impact on outcomes for Teaching Excellence Framework and Research Excellence Framework

  • Learner analytics that puts evidence to the fore of the learning experience and student journey

Data Warehousing and OLAP
Patrick Lynch, CEO and Founder of Texuna

What we offer and why we are different

We are H.E. specialists with almost 15 years engaging with Universities on HESA statutory data returns.  

Business benefits:

We help establish the fundamental pillars of success with alignment for business drivers, governance and data quality improvements.  This promotes the long term success of a warehouse project, and allows for the delivery of an early and valuable Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with Minimum Viable Quality (MVQ) of data.
We combine student and staff empathy-building engagement workshops with Agile methods to ensure projects "keep it real" with continually meaningful increments to a warehouse over the life of the service.

Financial benefits:
Huge savings are created through infrastructure as software, just-in-time resources, and the elimination of capital expenditure in favour of a monthly operating expense with predictable levels of effort and support to build upon the service month-on-month.  

Our H.E. optimised data pipeline and source system plugins, combined in a fully managed service with cloud standardisation and automation drastically reduces troubleshooting time and speeds up productivity.
Self-service BI facilities reduce the time-to-value for business users, with a conformed warehouse providing a single accurate version of the truth, eliminating any debates over the meaning or location of data.

Technical benefits:

Cloud flexibility/portability and Texuna metadata driven frameworks give simple support to changing business needs and changes in data pipelines.  
Software as a Service (SaaS) infrastructure provides ease of configuration, maintenance and scalability for changing demands.  


Case Studies

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