The Team

Meet the Team
We are proud to have a talented team spread across our three offices; London, Cork and Moscow. We all share a passion for database management, and ensuring that our clients have access to the latest solutions at the most competitive prices. Data security is of paramount importance to us all, and we adhere to the highest International standards, when it comes to our clients data.
Alexander Medvedev, Developer

Alexander Medvedev


I am a Data Warehouse developer, specialise in Data Architecture, ETL, DataMarts and Reporting. I also like to develop for Android.

Sergey Ananyev, Lead Analyst

Sergey Ananyev

Lead Analyst

I work as a lead analyst for Texuna. I am responsible for managing large projects and also managing Business Intelligence and Reporting.

Denis Barkov, Senior Analyst

Denis Barkov

Senior Analyst

I am a senior analyst with 13 years + experience on enterprise data modelling, enterprise data warehouse implementation, management and reporting.

Raquel Borges, Finance & HR

Raquel Borges

Finance & HR

I am responsible for supporting all finance and HR matters at Texuna.

Evgeny Chernov, Director

Evgeny Chernov


I am a Director with Texuna and am focused on helping to ensure our clients get a first rate level of service.

Paul Collins, Project Manager

Paul Collins

Project Manager

I help ensure that our clients needs are met and that any of their problems are resolved. I am also the primary contact for clients, and manage the overall direction of development.

Noelle Corkery, UI/UX Developer

Noelle Corkery

UI/UX Developer

I am responsible for Designing and developing front-end web applications as well as creating rich UI applications and constantly improving the UI for our end users.

Kate Corkery, Service Desk Operative

Kate Corkery

Service Desk Operative

I work on the service desk and help to ensure that our clients needs are met and that any of their problems are resolved promptly.

Renat Dasaev, QA Engineer

Renat Dasaev

QA Engineer

I’m a QA engineer with a particular interest in automation testing. I’m responsible for quality of our projects.

Kirill Feoktistov, Developer

Kirill Feoktistov


I’m a Full-Stack Developer with a particular interest in JavaEE, Android and Data Processing

Rudolf Hartunov, Senior Software Developer

Rudolf Hartunov

Senior Software Developer

Software developer with 15+ years of experience in the development of web applications, databases design, writing of SQL queries and XSLT templates.

Jessica Ring, Service Operations Analyst

Jessica Ring

Service Operations Analyst

I am a Service Operations Analyst and coordinate the service team responsible for working with clients to resolve problems and to ensure that their needs are met.

Matthew Lilliman, Manager

Matthew Lilliman


I am a senior manager with responsibility for managing and delivering Texuna’s most complex and innovative projects (which are often delivered in challenging environments).

Patrick Lynch, Founder and CEO

Patrick Lynch

Founder and CEO

I am the CEO and Founder of Texuna. I have a particular interest in education technology, as well as a passion for exploring new identity management solutions for the education sector.

Tonia O’Sullivan, Finance and HR Manager

Tonia O’Sullivan

Finance and HR Manager

I am responsible for financial management including the supervision of the accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash-flow management, as well as managing the HR function for Texuna.

Roman Pavlov, Head of Development

Roman Pavlov

Head of Development

I am the Head of Development and help project teams deliver high quality solutions on time by using cutting edge technologies and practices.

Alexey Pokidaev, Developer

Alexey Pokidaev


I am a web services developer focused on JAVA, PHP and .Net . I am also an Oracle Certified Professional, and Java SE 6 Programmer (score 98%)

Pavel Pozdeev, Development and Support

Pavel Pozdeev

Development and Support

I am a java developer and work on a range of different projects within the edtech space. Core skills include: Java, Tomcat, OLAP, SQL, HTML, CSS etc

Maria Romanova, Software Tester

Maria Romanova

Software Tester

I am a software tester and perform testing of our products. Have a particular interest in test automation.

Mary Rowbottom, Project and Contract Manager

Mary Rowbottom

Project and Contract Manager

I help ensure our projects are delivered on time and on budget. I am also responsible for contract management for all our client contracts.

Ankhit Sharma, Business Analyst

Ankhit Sharma

Business Analyst

I am responsible for IT infrastructure and requirements analysis. I also translate low-level technical concepts to high-level abstractions.

Alexey Surnov, Java Developer

Alexey Surnov

Java Developer

I am a Java Developer with a particular interest in mobile development(Android) and JavaEE. I provide fast and flexible program solutions for our clients.

Jan Taylor, Corporate Operations

Jan Taylor

Corporate Operations

I am responsible for corporate operations and management for Texuna.

Victor Turbinsky, DevOps Engineer

Victor Turbinsky

DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineer with a responsibility for automating processes of software delivery and infrastructure changes. Strong Linux and Amazon Web Services skills.

Nick Zabavin, Senior DevOps Manager

Nick Zabavin

Senior DevOps Manager

I am responsible for all our computer systems such as servers, network, service software, continuous integration and deployment automation.